In 2007, our company launched the first “one-piece seamless” push up bra with tremendous success. Our goal is to create the best fitting and comfortable intimate apparel with high quality material and workmanship complete with great customer service.

We care and help you to understand how your bra is supposed to fit and why it is so important to get it right!

Statistics show that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra!

In the end, even if you have not yet achieved “your perfection”, at least you will be standing a little taller.

As we all know, not all busts are created equal.

That is why, when it comes to bras, there are several different cup sizes and band measurements for a woman to choose from, to ensure that her bra is a perfect fit.


niYung aims to achieve that ‘perfect fit’ bra using high quality fabrics, materials and workmanship offering benefits from increased durability to better stretch. There are even new fabrics that are environmentally conservative.

We want to bring beautiful intimate apparels to women around the world in a higher level of excellence and innovation.

The right bra can help to create a more balanced silhouette under clothes and your body will not feel the stress when wearing it.

Good things can come in both large and small packages and the right bra can help you make the most of whatever package you have got.

Bras should not be a crutch, but they can be a tool – a tool you use to make yourself look and feel the best you can from the inside out.

niYung bras are exclusively made to provide versatility, movement support and comfort for the everchanging lifestyles of a woman.

It’s soft hugging and comfortable fit makes you feel like braless!